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    Experienced land team specialists.

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  • Construction

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A Experienced Team Specialising in All Your Property Developing Needs.

We understand the various challenges faced by our UK housing demand, society and planet in general in order to sustainably meet the growing demands of our ever increasing population.

With our in-house teams, we are able to provide a number of services for our clients all under on company.

Organic growth has led Provident Homes to construct many residential units in the last few years. And we still harbour the same passion, ambition and commitment to be the best in the industry.


Efficient. Reliable. Innovative

Our experienced land team specialises in acquiring sites for development throughout London, Midlands and the Home Counties.

The preferred acquisition is off-market properties which are originated both from land-owners and our vast network of trusted associates and agents.

We can offer a more flexible approach where the vendor embarks on the development journey with us in partnership, which enables the original landowner to also participate in the scheme.

We consider ourselves well placed to unlock added value on a site in any market conditions and our flat line structure enables us to be efficient in our decision-making process. If you have, or are aware of, a development opportunity that you consider would be of interest to us, please contact us for a confidential discussion.


It’s All in the Details

With our vast breadth of experience across many boroughs, we have the right skill set to take development projects successfully through from inception to planning and construction.

Most of the land we buy is on a ‘subject to planning' basis. This allows us to efficiently achieve the best scheme possible on that particular parcel of land and results in the landowner achieving an increase on market price.

We can quickly appraise the potential of a property for development and take it forward in the most effective way – we would normally start by carrying out a site feasibility study with our architects and surveyors, and then move on to liaising with the local authority.

We have put together a great team of planning experts and we have a good track record of working in a range of London boroughs, which allows us to understand the specific requirements of certain councils.

Our team of in-house interior designers play a key role in ensuring the finished development will provide a pleasant living environment and enhanced lifestyle for its residents.


Planning, Design, and Construction

As a company, we have gradually diversified into the property development sector.

We now acquire, develop and market our own projects. In-house construction expertise backed by a wealth of experience, coupled with our long-established network of industry-leading professionals – such as architects, planning consultants, engineers and property agents – gives us the edge in a highly competitive market place.

From humble beginnings as a small property firm, the company has built on success and diversification and is now regarded as a leading property developer.

This organic growth has led to the construction of many residential units in the last few years. And will continue to grow – we still harbour the same passion, ambition and commitment to what we do!

Our Core Values

As a business, our values mean everything to us and that’s why we have 6 Core Values that our integral, to the running of our company.

People First

Value the needs of our clients, prospering together and helping others get the best value for money.


Our core values consist of professionalism and transparency.


Honest actions that inspire trust and gives confidence to people we work with.


Constantly improving to differentiate our USP.


Potential for exciting partnerships resulting in exponential growth and returns.


Having fun finding creative solutions to traditionally mundane problems.

We pride ourselves in professional excellence through

We do this through synergy: combining innovative energy systems and intelligent building techniques through meticulous material choice and design.

We have therefore focused our efforts to create incredibly energy efficient homes without compromising on aesthetic design.


We Work With A Number Of Trusted Partners, See What They Have To Say.


Our Managing Directors

Dr Fahd Khan


From a successful background in creating beautiful smiles, I am now building bespoke homes and creating prosperity through property. Any form of development requires expert planning and fine attention to detail, which is embodied in the ethos at Provident Homes.

Sreelal Harilal


I started out running a successful software consulting company in 2010 working with major high street clients. With my strong entrepreneurial instincts i was led into residential conversions which subsequently allowed me to follow my ultimate passion of developing new homes.