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One Of UK’s New Innovate Property Developers

Provident Homes is an innovative property development company founded with the future in mind.

We understand the various challenges faced by our UK housing demand, society and planet in general in order to sustainably meet the growing demands of our ever increasing population.

Provident Homes vision is simple and clear, we want to create sustainable luxury homes which are environmentally conscious through a passive build.


Our Managing Directors

Dr Fahd Khan


From a successful background in creating beautiful smiles, I am now building bespoke homes and creating prosperity through property. Any form of development requires expert planning and fine attention to detail, which is embodied in the ethos at Provident Homes.

Sreelal Harilal


I started out running a successful software consulting company in 2010 working with major high street clients. With my strong entrepreneurial instincts i was led into residential conversions which subsequently allowed me to follow my ultimate passion of developing new homes.

We pride ourselves in professional excellence through

We do this through synergy: combining innovative energy systems and intelligent building techniques through meticulous material choice and design.

We have therefore focused our efforts to create incredibly energy efficient homes without compromising on aesthetic design.


Our Core Values

As a business, our values mean everything to us and that’s why we have 6 Core Values that our integral, to the running of our company.

People First

Value the needs of our clients, prospering together and helping others get the best value for money.


Our core values consist of professionalism and transparency.


Honest actions that inspire trust and gives confidence to people we work with.


Constantly improving to differentiate our USP.


Potential for exciting partnerships resulting in exponential growth and returns.


Having fun finding creative solutions to traditionally mundane problems.

Our Contribution To The World

We also wish to create our own foundation in the future to fund the building of medical facilities in the developing world. Contact us today, if you wish to get involved and support us with this mission.

Support Families Around The World

Build Medical Facilities

Provide Medical Education Service

Support Displaced Individuals


We Work With A Number Of Trusted Partners, See What They Have To Say.